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  dirkson cf56fdab7f Don't build test executables if subproject 2 weeks ago
  dirkson f91a89d416 Fixed meson libui issue 4 months ago
  dirkson 130003d21e Refocused on xcb instead of xlib 4 months ago
  dirkson 3dedf3ad10 Fixed xaw, gtk2, libui. Removed separate xt 4 months ago
  dirkson 2343c99f85 Updated readme 4 months ago
  dirkson f049903c5a Updated readme 4 months ago
  dirkson fb75686fa3 Improved ncurses implementation 4 months ago
  dirkson 7ee2268f45 Switched gtk3 method to be simpler 4 months ago
  dirkson aae1449223 Various minor improvements generated while working on liblob 4 months ago
  dirkson 5e55e8ce65 Trying to export dependency 4 months ago
  dirkson 881b269ec4 Added libui info 4 months ago
  dirkson 92ecae1ba4 dependencies 4 months ago
  dirkson cfb82de63d Cleaned up the self debug 4 months ago
  dirkson 0831faf12d Code cleanup/simplification 4 months ago
  dirkson cf1662ecb6 Further spec. Starting switch to better ifdev method 4 months ago
  dirkson b6f540ed68 Oops, ncurses doesn't work yet either 4 months ago
  dirkson 7a865db216 More specification 4 months ago
  dirkson 25c1b1fa9d Further specification 4 months ago
  dirkson 4304a8ffde Verified win64 builds 4 months ago
  dirkson d9e8efba80 Added windows support 4 months ago
  dirkson 8511c93374 Updated readme 4 months ago
  dirkson 7f20fc357e Added numerous methods 4 months ago
  dirkson da6d292038 Added the starts of ncurses support 4 months ago
  dirkson 230ae499a0 Added the start of windows and osx support. Not complete. 4 months ago
  dirkson 1722a52a92 Updated dynload files 4 months ago
  dirkson c1532084b7 Combined method.h Removed dynload.h 4 months ago
  dirkson 27023b5e49 Basically initial commit 4 months ago
  dirkson d5ecec9386 Lots of smallish changes 4 months ago
  dirkson f7dbea8c05 Switched to meson 1 year ago
  Dirkson dac3db223c Update README.md 1 year ago
  Dirkson dc5f7c792c Update README.md 1 year ago
  Dirkson 40da09bce4 Update README.md 1 year ago
  dirkson a4e31c3873 Updated to new version of dynload 2 years ago
  dirkson 88c32ef351 Added many more partially implemented options 2 years ago
  dirkson 1a19843103 Got gtk3 working 2 years ago
  dirkson 0b1faf0f5e Fixed some bugs in dynload to allow gtk3 to work too 2 years ago
  dirkson 9817dfeef4 Updated readme 2 years ago
  dirkson e3c93b3991 Initial commit 2 years ago
  Dirkson 382363855c Initial commit 2 years ago