Boksi is a C89 cross platform library for putting a message box on the screen.
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"Stuff you're more likely to edit goes near the top
let s:projstd = '-std=gnu89 -Wall'
let s:projinc = '-Iinclude -Isrc -Imeson/debug -Isrc/methods -Isrc/example -Isrc/dynload -Isubprojects/dynload/include'
let s:projopt = ''
let g:ale_linters = {'c': ['clang', 'clangcheck']}
"let g:ale_linters = {'c': ['clang', 'clangtidy', 'clangd', 'cppcheck']}
"let g:ale_linters = {'c': ['clang', 'clangtidy', 'clangd', 'cppcheck','cquery', 'flawfinder', 'gcc']}
let s:projstrn = s:projstd.' '.s:projopt.' '.s:projinc
let g:ale_c_clang_options = s:projstrn
let g:ale_c_clangd_options = s:projstrn
let g:ale_c_clangformat_options = s:projstrn
let g:ale_c_clangcheck_options = s:projstrn
let g:ale_c_cppcheck_options = s:projstrn
let g:ale_c_gcc_options = s:projstrn
"Use build_dir instead
"let g:ale_c_clangtidy_options = projstrn
let g:ale_c_build_dir = 'meson/debug'