Makes typing faster. I hope.
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Stenograghy is awesomely fast - Proficient users can type as quickly as most people can speak. But the downside of it is that you need to learn a whole new keyboard layout in order to use it AND you need to learn a new 'spelling' for every single word you'd like to type.

kbd aims to be a middle road, exposing a suite of chorded keyboard shortcuts on top of your existing keyboard layout. RightGui+t becomes 'the '. RightGui+u becomes 'you '. You get to use your existing keyboad and layout unchanged, AND each new chord you learn instantly speeds up your current typing.

The current version is a prototype, only working on linux.


You'll need gcc, clang, or other C complier, and 'tup', a build system.

tup init


kbd /dev/input/by-id/your-keyboard-here


  • Add smart backspace and punctuation
  • Add support for common symbols
  • Add some method of suffix affixation - ing, 's, etc
  • Free chord tree before close
  • Make loading detect duplicate chords in dictionary
  • Create a way to learn chords
  • Add a qwerty-oriented dictionary (current assumes colemak)
  • Add windows version - Requires an entirely separate program
  • Add in-keyboard version via QMK. Dict in header.