Lob is a C89, cross-platform, MIT-licensed, statically-compiled logging library.
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project('lob', 'c', default_options : ['default_library=static', 'c_std=c99', 'warning_level=3', 'werror=true'], subproject_dir : 'meson')
#add_project_arguments(['-Werror', '-Wall', '-Wpedantic', '-Wextra'], language : 'c')
incdir = include_directories('include')
#libtinyfd = library('libtinyfd', 'src/dependencies/tinyfiledialogs.c', include_directories : incdir)
#deptinyfd = declare_dependency(link_with : libtinyfd, include_directories : incdir)
if get_option('use_boksi')
add_project_arguments('-DLOB_NO_BOKSI', language : 'c')
depboksi = dependency('boksi', fallback : ['boksi', 'boksi_dep'], required: false)
#if not depboksi.found()
liblob = library('lob', 'src/lob.c', include_directories : incdir, dependencies: [ depboksi ])
lob_dep = declare_dependency(link_with : liblob, include_directories : incdir)
if not meson.is_subproject()
#Basic test binary
executable('lobbasic', 'src/examples/basic.c', include_directories : incdir, dependencies: lob_dep)
#Complex test binary
threaddep = dependency('threads')
executable('lobtest', 'src/examples/test.c', include_directories : incdir, dependencies: [lob_dep, threaddep])