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  dirkson 6e1b802f76 Cmark swapped default behavior 5 days ago
  dirkson ec622f9ca2 Compress favicon 5 days ago
  dirkson 471cc36ca3 put put 3 weeks ago
  dirkson a182a34ba6 Fixed typos 3 weeks ago
  dirkson 6496e0f4fa Added rant on the best code 3 weeks ago
  dirkson 66ade5a6c1 Fixed some typos 1 month ago
  dirkson 92b19ddfa6 Removed dep from gwb 1 month ago
  dirkson d3fc006979 Documentation 1 month ago
  dirkson b0a9f52255 Removed dep to external 1 month ago
  dirkson bd434e0bbb Adjusted file locations 1 month ago
  dirkson b7497cbb14 Removed history to remove references to password 1 month ago