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Hi there!

I’m Jeff, and I’ve been operating as the “Orange Hat Tech” for several years now. I do whatever technical work happens to cross my path. Currently, I’m:

  • Writing MIT Licensed, C99 libraries
  • Trying to make the world’s most accurate butter-based space combat simulator, ScrumbleShip.
  • Administering my linux server out of Kansas City, where it runs the various websites and services I provide people.

In the past, I’ve:

  • Administered linux servers for, a Minecraft server, and the Zen Community of Oregon.
  • Fixed computers for small businesses and anyone else who needed it.
  • Messed around with C GUI libraries
  • Built a few websites using a system called Drupal. Administered the minecraft server Dirkocraft
  • Taught various computer courses for my local city’s recreation department.
  • Discovered and explored several small caves.

If you need to contact me, please click here.

If you like small birds and government gag orders, please click here.